Claustrophone out on tapes!

30 March 2019

Today me and Dawid Gasiorek are releasing our first EP together as Claustrophone!

It's a new kind of project for both of us that we made via email. Each of us separately was supposed to record 10 minutes of anything that we wanted, but with a premise that what one records would be just a half of the music and that the piece would be finished by the other by layering on top on what one got from the other.

The outcome is two cassette sides of electronics, bass, church organ, percussion, etc.

The tape is released by Gotta Let It Out - check it out!

Egin: music for strings & saxophone released!

8 March 2019

New release with Danish saxophonist Mia Dyberg, Estonian violinist Elo Masing, Portuguese viola player Ernesto Rodrigues, his son, a cellist Guilherme Rodrigues, and me!

It's a live recording from one of these gigs that were not supposed to happen and yet... How glad I am it DID happen... Here's a bit from the press release that I love:

"The music is an ambient like collection of sonic waves of telepathic poetry, that in such a vulnerable way manifests the first time meeting between people who breathe-live through their instrument. The concert was a part of an a larger art exhibition/ritualised performance/occultism event that happened in Berlin in the Autumn of 2018."

The CD was released in Portugal and Denmark as a collaboration between Creative Sources & Gotta Let It Out - check it out!

Mount Meander's 2nd album out!

6 February 2019

We are releasing a new album with Mount Meander!

And hey, I'm really happy about this one. It really captures very well how and in which direction we grew as a band during the 4 years since we recorded our debut. Please check it out, it's great, for real, you'll love it! Released by Gotta Let It Out.

Activated Clown out!

11 January 2019

It's finally happening!

I've been touring with my good friends Cameron Stallones and Jonathan Leland in a trio better known as Sun Araw Trio XIII in 2016, just before my daughters was born. During the tour we had a week-long residency at GNRation in Braga, Portugal were, besides playing pool, we recorded some crazy amount of crazy music. And now, for the first time ever, some of this material will be released on one of the more interesting US based labels, NNA Tapes. The tape 'Activated Clown' is up grabs on NNA's bandcamp. Peace!

Gypsy Rose!

30 October 2018

I found my true love! I mean the other true love!

We've met in unlikely place and situation - pretty clear we were meant for each other. I never thought I'd touch an electric bass, but here I am, totally into it and excited as a little kid.

We'll be seeing you in January and February at 5e - you just wait...

New split tape!

29 August 2018

Here's a new split tape for your listening pleasure!

A side features a live recording from a trio of Maria Laurette Friis on electronics & vocals, Emanuele Maniscalco on upright piano, and me on double bass. B side is a solo soprano saxophone improvisations from Kārlis Auziņš. The tape is 90 minutes long and you can get it directly from the my label Gotta Let It Out.



23 August 2018

Holy shit!

It's happening already on Tuesday! I'm so stoked to present Freedom Music Festival vol. 4 to y'all!

We are talking about one of the leading festivals of free improvised music in northern Europe by now. It is 6 days of concerts, artist talks, a movie night, and so much more!

The program is super exciting and pushes the boundaries of what free improvisation is. We're proud to host concerts from Peter Brötzmann, Heather Leigh, Mat Maneri, Tanya Kalmanovitch, Paul Hubweber, Teguh Permana, Yngel, Anaïs Maviel, Anna Högberg, Signe Dahlgreen, Jacob Anderskov, Sonja LaBianca, me, Michala Østergaard-Nielsen, and SO MUCH MORE!

Killer week - join if you are around.

Touring in US!

12 April 2018

I'm coming back to US!

Oh, it's gonna be so good! Meeting with my good 'ol friends in California Cameron Stallones aka. Sun Araw & John Leland, but also meeting new people through music: Alex Zhang Hungtai, Nick Malkin, Joe Williamson, Wilson Shook. And then in NYC I'm meeting the drummer extraordinaire Leonid Galaganov, and I'll join William Parker's release concert of his new album 'Lake of Light', that comes out on our label Gotta Let It Out.


12 SOLO ALBUMS project DONE!

10 January 2018

After a year of recording one solo album every month I'm ready to say: I DID IT!

This was a great year. Also a hard one, but I'm very glad I stayed on it. Them albums look real nice and sound fantastic. All DIY hand painted and there's only 25 copies of each of the 12 albums.

Some are sold out, but you can still get rest of them at my bandcamp page.

Thank y'all!

IL SOGNO's 'Birthday' out now!

11 December 2017

What a beautiful day!

The long awaited album of IL SOGNO, my trio with Emanuele Maniscalco on piano and Oliver Laumann on drums, is finally out! It is called 'Birthday' (it was recorded on my 30th birthday in Brescia, Italy) and is released on vinyl and digitally on Gotta Let It Out today (Emanuele's birthday).

Buy yourself a copy on my bandcamp or stream it via all the major streaming platforms.

I'm really proud of this one, it's one of my favorite bands ever. Let me know what you think!

Solo no. 9 & 10 are out!

8 December 2017

Today is the day when Solo no. 9 & 10 hits the shelves! This is quite incredible, because it means that I have only 2 solo albums to record and release this year for the total of 12 solo albums! What a ride... These two albums are quite special, no. 9 is me playing through a reel-tape-run-delay system built by Birk Gjerlufsen Nielsen and Sebastián Santillana, and no. 10 is me playing solo on my mom's old violin (sic!)... Check them out on my bandcamp and just wait for the last two!

Mount Meander off to Germany

26 November 2017

Mount Meander (Kārlis Auziņš, Lucas Leidinger, Thomas Sauerborn & me) is going your way:
- Nov 27 : Jazz Units Festival - BERLIN
- Nov 28 : T Berlin - BERLIN
- Nov 29 : Golem - HAMBURG
- Dec 1 & 2 : recording our 2nd album! : HAMBURG
- Dec 3 : Tonhalle - HANNOVER
I mean come!
(and check our Clean Feed Records album on my bandcamp out!)

Wood Organization released on cassettes!

24 November 2017

Lo and behold - Wood Organization has just released their recordings on cassettes!
Wood Organization is a duo I have with Szymon Pimpon Gąsiorek, extended from time to time by fabulous guests. The cassette features about 100 minutes of music (!!!) - A side is just the two of us live and B side us with the amazing reed player Lars Greve live, and a short composition of Szymon with Freya Schack-Arnott on cello & Franek Pospieszalski on the other bass. The music is inspired by the sounds of nature and you'll hear us doing much more than playing drums and bass, we also play wind instruments and electronics there!
The cassettes were released by Insula Jazz in collaboration with Gotta Let It Out and Love & Beauty Music. It came out in two editions - a very limited deluxe edition in wooden boxes made by the wood guru Chris Shields (only 32 copies), and also limited classic plastic edition (only 68 copies). It's a must buy, so head to my bandcamp and you know what to do. Cheers!

Pimpono Ensemble on tour in Poland!

30 October 2017

POLAND! On Thursday I'm off for Pimpono Ensemble tour in Warsaw (Jazz Jamboree), Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Bydgoszcz (Mózg Festival), and Gdańsk (Jazz Jantar)! This will be awesome and you should be there if you can. We'll play tunes from the new album 'Hope Love Peace Faith' - it says it all. Hear it on bandcamp.
See you soon!

Poster by Dawid Gąsiorek

Hopes and Fears out now!

24 October 2017

I'm so stoked that this album is out! It's a beautiful chamber improv from the hands of Aram Shelton (US), Grzegorz Tarwid (PL), Hakon Berre (NO) and myself. That we actually met and played together at all was quite a miracle. There were so many obstacles (!!!), and yet the music is there and this stuff is real, I mean it.

But don't take my word for it, go and hear it on bandcamp before you buy it. The album is released by Multikulti Project in Poland and distributed globally. BUM!


11 August 2017

The 3rd edition of FREEDOM MUSIC FESTIVAL, I'm the organizer of, is ready to take off on August 29 at KoncertKirken in Copenhagen! And wow, it's gonna be grand...

We'll have 17 solo and duo free improvised concerts featuring William Parker, Hamid Drake, Jöelle Lèandre, Sylvie Courvoisier, Merilyn Mazur, Lotte Anker... me, and so much more! There'll be artist talks moderated by me at Insulamusic shop. We'll even have a movie night with Ebba Jahn's cult 'Rising Tones Cross' and a Danish premiere of Alan Roth's 'The Breath Courses Through Us' about the New York Art Quartet! And all that and more to celebrate freedom, improvised music, and this intimate bounding between the audience and the artists. Check our website, instagram and facebook for the full program, and most importantly COME and share this experience with us!

Midway in my year long solo project!

15 July 2017

I've just passed the mid way point in my year long solo project - my 6 solo albums are already out and I've got only (...) 6 more to go! This is a very special place to be at, it's been a very deep process full of ups and downs. Quite transforming I must say.

Each of the albums is quite different with a different solo concept to it and there's only 25 copies of each, so if you want them hurry up - 'Solo no. 1' is already sold out!

All the albums are out on my own label Gotta Let It Out and buy them on my bandcamp. Enjoy!

My first cassette release!

12 July 2017

Woohoo! I've just released my first cassette!

It's called 'faster!' and it's out as a collaboration between the hipest Danish label Insula Jazz and my own label Gotta Let It Out. The album is conceptual in nature - we've dug up piano trio recordings (featuring Benjamin Helweg Brask & Benjamin Oemann) from 9 years ago and made heavy editing​ including speeding up the material by 140%! We revisited and edited our past. Intriguing? Get it at Insulamusic store in Copenhagen or at my bandcamp. And don't you just love the sick cover art by Hipermania?!

Gotta Let It Out!

10 July 2017

Big news again!!! Together with a photo & video artist Malwa Grabowska aka. Hipermania we've started an independent music label and a publishing house called Gotta Let It Out!

We've already got 8 of my albums out on it and another 8 in planning, and Hipermania will soon be putting out large format photo gazettes featuring fascinating stories alongside her always strong aesthetics!

We're super excited, it's been growing in us for a very long time and it is a fabulous coronation of our longtime colab. Look us up on our website, and follow us on facebook and instagram!

Vinter Jazz Festival and recording 12 solo albums in 2017!

10 February 2017

Vinter Jazz Festival is an all-around Denmark, over 3 week-long festival with God-only-knows how many concerts... I'm especially psyched to play again with my good friend and a prolific musician, Sun Araw! If you're around Copenhagen on February 18th, you really should come and hear our duo at KoncertKirken! I can't wait myself!

But another BIG news is that together with the master tubaist, and another good friend, Rasmus Kjærgård Lund, we have started two, year-long parallel solo projects! Each month in 2017 we will be developing a new solo project around a certain concept and at the end of each month we'll play a double solo concert and release two separate solo albums limited to 25 copies each. That’s 12 solo albums each in one year! This is big... The 1st albums are already out - write me if you want it! Also follow the process at our new blog.

MOONBOW's & Mount Meander's albums get some love!

2 January 2017

My MOONBOW & Mount Meander bands got some good press - how nice! You can read all you want (click the band names and scroll down), but most notably we are loved by The Free Jazz Blog, by the good people of All About Jazz, and both albums were even listed among the best albums of 2016 by Bird is the Worm, Tom Hull, One Man's Jazz, and Jazzismus Was There... Cool! Thanks y'all.

Mount Meander on tour in Germany!

9 October 2016

Mount Meander goes to Germany to celebrate fatherhood (both me and Lucas lately became fathers) and our new album! We play October 10, 11 and 12 in Cologne, Bonn and Hamburg! It's a short tour, but damn am I happy to meet these guys again!

MOONBOW album finally out!

23 September 2016

Today is an official release date of the new album of my septet MOONBOW. I can't be more excited! It came out on my, by far, favorite Danish label for creative musics ILK. This album is my baby. It's been a crazy one-and-a-half year of making it happen. You can purchase vinyls and CDs from ILK's website, or directly from me. It's also out on iTunes, Tidal and Spotify. Sit back and enjoy!

I became a father - this is beyond cool!

14 September 2016

From now on Papa Tomo it is! Our daughter Mi was born on September 14, 2016. She's the greatest blessing!

Sun Araw 'Trio' XIII digital release!

20 August 2016

The European tour with Sun Araw Trio XIII is over, but the music lives on! We toured for two weeks in Denmark, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Portugal. During this tour we also recorded at least a double album, that will come out in the summer of 2017. Before that becomes available, check out the digital release of one of our live shows from this tour at

Mount Meander just came out at Clean Feed Records!

15 July 2016

Mount Meander, quartet featuring Kārlis Auziņš, Lucas Leidinger, Thomas Sauerborn & me, is out at the amazing Portuguese label Clean Feed Records! You can purchase it from Clean Feed's website, or directly from us. It's also out on iTunes, Tidal and Spotify. Let us know what you think! We are super excited!

Joining SUN ARAW for a tour through Europe!

10 July 2016

I met and played with Sun Araw when I was in Los Angeles last winter. A few weeks ago he wrote me an email inviting me to join him and a great drummer Jonathan Leland on tour, except that "you won't play double bass - he said - but a ribbon controller mane!". Such a great idea! A beautiful instrument. We tour for 2 weeks in Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, and Portugal, where we have a residency for a few days during which we'll record an album. CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MONSTER TO TAKE OFF! Join us in Europe!

photo by Rafał Zatorski

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2016!

1 July 2016

Today is the first day of Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2016. This is the biggest jazz festival in Europe with over 1300 concerts in 10 days! I say wow... I play a fair share during this beautiful week. I'm playing 13 shows (that's 1% of them all!) with Jesper Zeuthen, Jacob Anderskov, Sun Araw, my favorite trio IL SOGNO (check our facebook page), Pimpono Ensemble, LOVE and many others! See you out there.


24 June 2016

This is amazing! It's time to start FREEDOM MUSIC FESTIVAL vol. 2! It is a festival I'm organizing, that is focused on freedom and improvised music. We have mostly solo and duo freely improvised shows.

Check out this superb program:

24th June, Friday:
8:00 pm : Roberto Bordiga Solo (double bass)
8:45 pm : Christian Balvig Solo (piano)
9:30 pm : Mark Solborg & Francesco Bigoni (guitar & saxophones and maybe clarinet)
10:30 pm : Mads Egetoft Solo (alto saxophone)
11:15 pm : Rasmus Kjær Larsen Solo (keyboards & electronics)

25th June, Saturday:
8:00 pm : Grzegorz Tarwid Solo (piano)
8:45 pm : Emil Palme Solo (guitar)
9:30 pm : Ania Rybacka Solo (vocal)
10:15 pm : Oda Mathilde Holstad Dyrnes & Tomo Jacobson (cello & double bass)
11:00 pm : Federico Corsini Solo (double bass & piano)

26th June, Sunday:
2:00 pm : FREEDOM MUSIC JAM SESSION WITH THE TREES in the forest in Klampenborg!
Everybody welcome both as a players or the audience.
8:00 pm : Petter Rylén Solo (piano)
9:00 pm : Johannes Vaht Solo (double bass)
10:00 pm : Taus Bregnhøj-Olesen & Tomo Jacobson (guitar & double bass)
11:00 pm : Johan Hansson, Jonatan Bak & Arvid Ingvarsson (piano, bass & drums)

27th June, Monday:
We will not compete with 5e’s Mandagsklubben.
Go there, they have lots of great concerts every Monday!

28th June, Tuesday
7:30 pm : Jesper Zeuthen, Emil Palme, Kristian Tangvik, Roberto Bordiga, Tomo Jacobson, Thomas Praestegaard (alto saxophone, guitar, tuba, two double basses & drums)
8:30 pm : Jacob Anderskov Solo (piano)
9:30 pm : Torben Snekkestad & Søren Kjærgaard (saxophones, piano, electronics)
11:00 pm : Gadedrengehop - Rasmus Kjærgård Lund & Szymon ‘Pimpon’ Gąsiorek (tuba with effects & bowed cymbals)

29th June, Wednesday:
Free improvisation themed films marathon!
At Kvarterhuset, but on the 2nd floor.

30th June, Thursday:
8:00 pm : Jonas Ingemann Due Steffensen & Jędrzej Łagodziński (trumpet & tenor saxophone)
8:45 pm : Szymon ‘Pimpon’ Gąsiorek Solo (drums)
9:30 pm : Jesper Løvdal Solo (saxophones, maybe flute, maybe some gongs too)
10:15 pm : Greta Eacott Solo (percussion)
11:00 pm : Asger Thomsen Solo (double bass)

You can follow the festival on facebook and instagram. See you at Kvarterhuset!

LOVE tours in Poland!

21 May 2016

Today is the beginning of LOVE's 5 day long tour in Poland! We play everyday : Sklad Butelek - Warszawa, Klub Alchemia - Krakow, Klubokawiarnia Aquarium - Bielsko-Biala, Cofeina Cafe - Sucha Beskidzka, Klubokawiarnia Mleczarnia - Wroclaw, LAS - Poznan. See you there!

MOONBOW crowdfunding campaign!

16 May 2016

I am setting up a crowdfunding campaign for MOONBOW release!

It's been exactly one year since I went into the studio with this project and now I'm only 3 months from finally puttig it out there to your hands! The release is confirmed to be in September on ILK, and I have already begun taking pre-orders through the crowdfunding campaign. So if you want to buy yourself a record, or just make a contribution, please click 'Crowdfunding' tab in the menu above and take it from there.

I'm so much looking forward to have the copies in my hand!!! Should happen already in June... Yay!

photo by Hipermania

Making a film on Cuba!

10 May 2016

I'm back in Copenhagen after 3 weeks on Cuba! Ufff, what an experience... Besides playing music, I actually mainly went there to play a main role in my brother Filip's new film! My first time really acting, but the main character was... me, so it wasn't all that difficult. :-) A great adventure and challenge, but I can't talk about it too much just yet. We'll slowly uncover the mystery when the release date gets closer, but it'll take some months. Stay tuned!

Director & story: Filip Jacobson;
Cinematography: Olaf Malinowski;
Additional sound and additional pretty much everything else: Joanna Tercjak.

the photo is a still from the film


21 March 2016

I'm starting a monthly newsletter! If you would like to receive info about my activities, concerts and future plans, please sign up below!

New website is up!

20 March 2016

It it about time to refresh my online presence! I hope you like my new website? Cause I'm loving it!

Artist residency at 5e!

20 January 2016

My 5 week long residency at 5e's own Mandagsklubben starts on February 1st!

5e is the venue of ILK, the greatest label for creative music in Denmark. I've been working hard on preparing a truly amazing program and every Monday my concerts will be enhanced by the video art by the great Hipermania!

What a privilege to play with all those wonderful people!!!

- February 1st :

9 pm : Tomasz Dabrowski / Johannes Vaht / Tomo Jacobson

10 pm : Lots of Double Basses : the double bass improvising orchestra

- February 8th :

8 pm : MOUNT MEANDER : Karlis Auzins / Lucas Leidinger / Tomo Jacobson / Thomas Sauerborn

- February 15th :

9 pm : Lotte Anker / Tomo Jacobson

10 pm : Lotte Anker / Jacob Anderskov / Tomo Jacobson

- February 22nd :

9 pm : Maria Laurette Friis / Emanuele Maniscalco / Tomo Jacobson

10 pm : Tentet : 3 saxes, 3 cellos, 3 basses, and drums:
Maria Faust, Lotte Anker, Laura Toxværd - saxes,
Oda Dyrnes, Aino Juutilainen, Fred Lonberg-Holm - cellos,
Nicolai Munch-Hansen, Roberto Bordiga, Tomo Jacobson - basses, Peter Bruun - drums.

- February 29th :

9 pm : Torben Snekkestad / Søren Kjærgaard / Tomo Jacobson

10 pm : The Orchestra for a Better World

Tomasz Dabrowski & Jonas Due Steffensen - trumpets
Mia Dyberg, Maria Dybbroe & Jonas Engel - alto saxes
Jedrzej Lagodzinski, Signe Dahlgreen, Henrik Pultz Melbye & Sfen Dam Meinild - tenor saxes
Kristian Tangvik & Rasmus Kjærgård Lund - tubas
Tomo Jacobson - double bass
Kristof Gasior & Szymon 'Pimpon' Gasiorek - drums

photo by Emanuele Maniscalco

FREEDOM MUSIC in a wooden house!

15 January 2016

FREEDOM MUSIC in a small wooden house is a new series of concerts I'm organising in Copenhagen!

There will be CREATIVE MUSIC, there will be IMPROVISATIONS, there will be FREEDOM.

This is a one in a lifetime opportunity to hear some of the most interesting voices in creative music of our generation at an extremely special venue. Each night there will be 4 different concerts. The location is secret and tickets limited to 15, so you'll need to order your place in advance.

The dates for the upcoming events are:

- first edition will happen on February 16th under the Winter Jazz Festival

- second edition on March 1st

- third on March 15th

- fourth on April 8th

After that we'll see what's up. Keep a look out for the details on my facebook event page or here on the website in the concert section. See you!

Winter Jazz Festival & 24 concerts!

11 January 2016

Winter Jazz is an all-over-Denmark festival that lasts over 3 weeks! There is a lot of music happening during that time. As every year the festival takes place in February and to give my share of music to the festival, I'll be playing 24 concerts! That IS a lot for the shortest month of the year, but I can't wait to start.

During that time I'll be a resident artist at 5e, the hippest venue in Copenhagen, I'll have 5 days of concerts in Copenhagen with MOUNT MEANDER, we'll be playing a couple of gigs with IL SOGNO for the first time after our Italian tour last September, I'll play a solo show at KoncertKirken, a couple of gigs with Jedrzej Lagodzinski's LOVE, a concert and a recording with Szymon 'Pimpon' Gasiorek's PIMPONO ENSEMBLE, two shows with Vincent Pongracz (AT) & Rinalds Maksimovs (LV), and so much more!

It's gonna be an awesome month.

Check out the program and remember to be there for my residency nights, the program is really great!

photo by Hipermania

Playing with Frank Gratkowski!

9 January 2016

I'm excited, because on January 30th I'll play in Cologne, Germany with the great saxophone and clarinet virtuoso Frank Gratkowski! And I'm even more glad that my good friends, fantastic musicians and members of MOUNT MEANDER, Lucas Leidinger and Thomas Sauerborn will play there too. A concert not to be missed!

Gratkowski / Leidinger / Jacobson / Sauerborn:

Frank Gratkowski - sax

Lucas Leidinger - piano
Tomo Jacobson - bass
Thomas Sauerborn - drums

8 pm at Körnerstrasse 37, 50823 Köln

Concerts in LA and NYC!

1 December 2015

So the winter concerts in USA are coming soon!

My Los Angeles schedule is:

- December 17th, 8:00 pm:
solo and with an orchestra at The Anna Broome Room at Art Share-LA, Los Angeles, USA.
- December 19th, 8:30 pm:
trio with Jeremy Kennedy & Sun Araw, duo with Sun Araw, and solo at Betalevel, Los Angeles, USA.

And in New York City:

- January 4th, 8:30 pm:
with Charlie Rauh and Leonid Galaganov at 65 Fenimore Street, Brooklyn, New York City, USA.
- January 7th, 8:00 pm:
with Charlie Rauh and Leonid Galaganov at The Firehouse Space, Greenpoint, New York City, USA.

See you?

September touring!

18 August 2015

September will be about touring!

First comes a few concerts and a studio recording in Italy with IL SOGNO, the piano trio featuring Emanuele Maniscalco, Oliver Laumann and me. We were commissioned to prepare a set that would draw a line between the XIX century Italian opera and contemporary creative improvisations for the famed opera festival Festa dell'Opera in Brescia. And precisely on my 30th birthday we will record the material for our upcoming album at the analog Studio Poddighe. Now that's what I call a celebration!

Straight from Italy will I fly to Poland to play with my FREE SPIRITUAL featuring Maciek Kadziela, Anders Vestergaard and me, in Warsaw, Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Bydgoszcz, Sopot and Bielsko-Biala. It's pretty much the whole Poland from the north to the south. The last concert of the tour we will play at KoncertKirken in Copenhagen during curated by me night dedicated to spiritual improv music. Next day we enter the old radio house studios to record our Requiem.

Superb times are coming!

photo by Adrian Pytlik

Making a documentary film on William Parker!

20 July 2015

My girlfriend aka Hipermania, the best person on this planet, is a filmmaker and photographer, and together back in January in New York City we started making a feature documentary film about William Parker, the legendary double bass player, composer, poet, activist, great cook, and the most inspiring person I've met. I feel so very privileged to know him and be given so much trust from him to make this project.

After spending a lot of time with him during the winter in NYC, we met him again in June nowhere else but in Denmark during a free improv week long workshops, where he was the teacher. Now off we go again to meet, talk and film him in August in Warsaw, Poland, where he plays a solo concert, and then we'll follow him in November on a tour for a few weeks in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Krakow and Berlin. This is going to be some very exciting and inspiring times. Can't wait!

photo by Hipermania


12 July 2015

You thought that Copenhagen Jazz Festival was enough music for July?
WRONG! I am organizing the FREEDOM MUSIC FESTIVAL on the boat! There will be over 20 concerts from July 15 to 19. The festival will take place at the Bådeteatret, the theatre on the boat that docks on Nyhavn in Copenhagen. All the shows of the festival will be free improvised and we will focus mostly on solos and duets. Come!


7.00 pm : Door opens
7.30 pm : Emil Palme Solo (guitar)
8.00 pm : Mads Egetoft Solo (saxophone)
8.30 pm : Kuba Więcek & Radek Wośko (alto sax & drums)
9.30 pm : Kristian Tangvik & Tomo Jacobson (tuba & double bass)
10.30 pm : Open Session

7.00 pm : Door opens
7.30 pm : Rasmus Kjær Larsen Solo (keyboards & electronics)
8.00 pm : Claus Højensgaard & Tomo Jacobson (trumpet & double bass)
8.30 pm : Tomek Dąbrowski & Albert Karch (trumpet & drums)
9.30 pm : Mads Egetoft, Johan Ransby Granberg, John Arne Rånes (sax & two guitars)
10.30 pm : Open Session

7.00 pm : Door opens
7.30 pm : Jonas Ingemann Due Steffensen Solo (trumpet)
8.00 pm : Jesper Løvdal Solo (sax)
8.30 pm : THE ART OF ESCAPISM : Ania Rybacka & Lo Ersare (vocals & electronics)
9.30 pm : Tomek Dąbrowski, Johannes Vaht & Tomo Jacobson (trumpet and two double basses)
10.30 pm : Open Session

7.00 pm : Door opens
7.30 pm : John Arne Rånes Solo (guitar)
8.00 pm : Kristian Tangvik Solo (tuba & stuff)
8.30 pm : Tomo Jacobson Solo (double bass)
9.00 pm : Danielle Dahl Solo (sax)
9:30 pm : Jonas Ingemann Due Steffensen, Johannes Vaht & Albert Karch (trumpet, double bass & drums)
10.30 pm : Open Session

7.00 pm : Door opens
7.30 pm : Johannes Vaht Solo (double bass)
8.00 pm : Rasmus Kjærgård Lund Solo (tuba)
8.30 pm : Roberto Bordiga Solo (double bass)
9:00 pm : A Very, Very, Very, Very Special Guest Solo! (TBA)
9:30 pm : John Arne Rånes, Tomo Jacobson & Albert Karch (guitar, double bass & drums)
10.30 pm : Open Session & Goodbyes