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Dear friends,

Exactly a year ago, on May 16, I was in the studio among some of my favorite musicians on this planet recording my new music. During these two days in the studio we did something more than just record material for a new album. We moved beyond. We created new universes with new nebulae, stars, planets and moons, new kinds of aesthetics, and new laws of physics. We created new reality, and now we need your help to share it with the world. Will you help us release our music and at the same time release the power of a million black holes that awaits in this music?

We are called MOONBOW and we are playing freedom music full of pure energy, levitating improvisations, ecstatic grooves, and unforgettable themes. The band consists of seven accomplished, internationally recognized improvisers: Danielle Dahl (NO), Mads Egetoft (DK), Maciek Kadziela (PL), Lucas Leidinger (DE), Anton Jansson (SE), Tomo Jacobson (PL) and Kresten Osgood (DK).

The music for MOONBOW was composed by me, Tomo Jacobson, but the imperative of working with the band was to give the band members freedom to shape the material their own way, fully engaging their unique, strong, and diverse creative intuitions. This way MOONBOW's music always stays alive and forever will keep surprising audiences around the planet earth.

I will be releasing our debut album this September at one of my favorite labels, ILK, the best Danish label for creative musics. The album is being mastered as I write, the cover with the original art by Los Angeles' own Eugenia Loli is awaiting to be printed, the champagne is cooling in the fridge. The total cost of making the release is around 42019 dkk = 24923 pln = 5652 eur = 6329 usd (see the detailed list of costs below). This is a lot of money, and therefore I would like to invite you to making preorders already now, so we can use this money to pay all these bills, and really make it happen. It works just like with Kickstarter, and all of you who will make orders here will get the music before the official release date! So what are you waiting for?! Here's what you can get:

If you want to, you can also make a free contribution big or small by clicking any of the above boxes.

* Please also note that you will need to add the shipping costs to the price:

Denmark: 27 dkk for CD, 40 dkk for Vinyl (in Copenhagen I deliver personally).
Poland and rest of EU: 18 pln = 4 euro for CD, 24 pln = 6 euro for Vinyl.
USA and rest of the world: 6 usd for CD, 8 usd for Vinyl.

If you want to get more records, you want to ask me something, or just write me that you love me, please do so on

Thanks so much!

None of this would happen without you.


Tomo Jacobson

Detailed list of expenses:

Recording with Troels Damgaard Holm

1000 dkk

Mixing and mastering with John Fomsgaard

10875 dkk

ILK fee for promotion and digital distribution

5500 dkk

Pressing 300 Vinyls at MPO

8431 dkk

Pressing 1000 CDs at Mobienko

7213 dkk

NCB (Nordic Copyright Bureau) fee

~9000 dkk


42019 dkk