I have decided to go independent and I am using an alternative way of crowdfunding without the brokers, so how you can make an order will depend on what country you want to send the money from:


you can make a bank transfer to me directly: Reg nr.: 8401 Konto nr. 0001097775,

you can alternatively send the money via MobilePay or Swift to me on 30138573,

or just pay me personally when you meet me.


you can make a bank transfer to: Malwa Grabowska, 07 2490 0005 0000 4000 9864 2125, Alior Bank.

Other countries and methods:

you can also send the money via PayPal with option 'transfer money to friends and family' to my account,

or just send me an email to and we'll figure something out.

So please check the price of your selection below, add the shipping price to it (even more below), transfer the money whatever way suits you with the note MOONBOW, and when you are done with all that, write me an email with your address, and await for the music that will shake you!

Digital copy of the record
50 dkk = 29 pln = 7 euro = 8 usd

1 x CD + digital copy
100 dkk = 59 pln = 13 euro = 15 usd + shipping*

2 x CD + digital copy
150 dkk = 89 pln = 20 euro = 22 usd + shipping*

1 x Vinyl + digital copy
200 dkk = 119 pln = 26 euro = 30 usd + shipping*

1 x Vinyl + 1 x CD +digital copy
250 dkk = 149 pln = 33 euro = 35 usd + shipping*

2 x Vinyls + 2 x CDs + digital copy
400 dkk = 239 pln = 53 euro = 60 usd + shipping*

Very kind free contribution

If you feel like making a free contribution big or small just transfer whatever you feel is right!

* Please also note that you will need to add the shipping costs to the price:
Denmark: 27 dkk for CD, 40 dkk for Vinyl (in Copenhagen I deliver personally)
Poland and rest of EU: 18 pln = 4 euro for CD, 24 pln = 6 euro for Vinyl
USA and rest of the world: 6 usd for CD, 8 usd for Vinyl.

If you want to get more records, or you want to ask me something, please write to me on

Thank you so much!

Tomo Jacobson