WOOD ORGANIZATION is not a band, it is an approach. This ever changing constellation of musicians led by Szymon Pimpon Gąsiorek & Tomo Jacobson, performs music inspired by nature and its sound.
​At its core it is a celebration of sounds and the relations between them.
String instruments - drums - electronics - improvisations - forests - waters - mountains…
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Szymon Pimpon Gąsiorek (PL) – drums, percussion, electronics, flutes
Tomo Jacobson – double bass, flutes, shehnai, midi-ribbon, violin


WOOD ORGANIZATION released almost 100 minutes of music on cassettes in November 2017. It came out in two editions, LIMITED DELUXE WOODEN BOXES EDITION (32 copies made), and CLASSIC PLASTIC LIMITED EDITION (68 copies made). The album features two full live performances, one as a duo, and one featuring the Danish reed player Lars Greve, as well as a short studio recording featuring Freya Schack-Arnott on cello and Franciszek Pospieszalski on second double bass. The cassettes were released by Insula Jazz, Gotta Let It Out, and Love & Beauty Music.
You can purchase the cassettes and high-quality digital files on bandcamp.

Album reviews:

“The music on the duo side is well-paced free improv in a style one associates 1970s Scandinavian group aktion in the wake of Don Cherry's Swedish expatriate phase - percussive, organic and open. The trio configuration adds some live skronk, and the quartet track allows darkly sonorous harmonics to hover over everything.”
(The Wire - UK)

“Is it possible to create an album so divergent stylistically, and at the same time so interesting and addictive? Well, it is. (...) Excellent.”
Top 10 of the
quarter of the year
(FYH - Poland)

“Den får store anbefalinger herfra.”
(Niels Overgård - Jazznyt - Denmark)

“This free-associative, extended improvisation shifts naturally between moods and dynamics. It swings between quiet, minimalist drones and soundscapes.”
(Eyal Hareuveni - Salt Peanuts - Israel/Denmark)