TOMO SOLO is a double bass free improvisation. This project is about the connections between physicality, spirituality, and intuition. Physicality of playing the double bass, of being a part of the instrument, of creating music through the physical efforts. Spirituality with an intention to be expressed with every sound made. Intuition, trust and letting go to the fountain of music pouring out through self.

This project is a meditation on the current. It is an effort to make the best out of the now in a specific context of the state in which the musician currently finds himself, the room and the environment he plays in, and the audience with their energy, passions and hopes.
The musician, the environment, and the audience through tangled interconnectivity, create in result a beautiful interdependence.

TOMO SOLO is dedicated to the past and the future.


Tomo Jacobson - double bass



In 2017 the double bass player Tomo Jacobson & the tubaist Rasmus Kjærgård Lund were doing two parallel solo projects - each of them was releasing a new solo album every month, based every time on a new solo concept. That was 12 solo albums each in a year! If you want to follow the process, visit the blog Rasmus & Tomo SOLOS.

All the album were hand made with cover and CD art hand pressed from lino cut. Each album is limited to 25 copies only. You can purchase them at my bandcamp page.