IL SOGNO is about storytelling, freedom and intuition. The Polish-Danish-Italian trio uses melodic, minimal compositions as a motor for elevated and focused collective improvisations. With its lyrical uniqueness, their music floats on the borders between genres, landing somewhere between jazz, motion picture soundtrack, experimental and minimalism. Italian opera and the Polish romantic piano heritage, as well as the Danish wise interpretation of the African-American culture play a decisive role in the background, combining a mature, personal sound with deep emotional content.

Emanuele Maniscalco is a pianist, drummer and composer born in 1983 in Italy. After being a self-taught musician he then attended the Conservatory in Brescia, Italy and later the prestigious Soloist Program at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Emanuele has released almost 30 albums, many of them as a leader, most notably: as a drummer and composer two albums with his collective Third Reel for the legendary German label ECM (2013 & 2016); as a pianist the duo album Copenhagen Season (2014) with one of the greatest living bass players Thomas Morgan; and his most recent, piano solo album From Solesmes to Solanas (2015) which Emanuele produced and released independently.
Emanuele has been working and touring around the world with many master musicians, to name a few: Ralph Alessi, Stefano Bollani, Eivind Lønning, Thomas Morgan, Gianluca Petrella, Pietro Tonolo, Susana Santos Silva, Mauro Negri, Francesco Bearzatti, the great Enrico Rava, and others.

Tomo Jacobson is a double bass player, composer and improviser born in 1985 in Poland. He has established himself on a Danish improvised music scene soon after moving to Copenhagen in 2008 playing over 100 concerts a year. He graduated with a master degree from the renowned Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen in 2015 and now he is mostly focused on his own career as a composer and band leader, continuing to be highly in demand as a bass player.
In the past few years Tomo has been very fortunate to perform with some of the greats: with late John Tchicai, Andrew D'Angelo, Lotte Anker, Adam Rudolph, Rasul Siddik, PO Jørgens, Frank Gratkowski, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jacob Anderskov, Kresten Osgood, Hugh Steinmetz, Søren Kjaergaard, Torben Snekkested, Maria Laurette Friis, Sun Araw and many others.
In 2014 Tomo was selected for a prestigious 8 months scholarship to New York City to work on his new music and to collaborate with New York based musicians. He has been also working as a film music composer and wrote music to a few short movies produced in Germany, Poland, Denmark, and New York.

Oliver Laumann is a brilliant Danish drummer and composer born in 1992. Despite his young age he is one of the leading drummers on the new Danish improvisational scene and continues to amaze the audiences around the world.He graduated from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen in 2015. He has been playing, touring and recording with many great international artists like Bill McHenry, William Parker, Ben Street, Thomas Morgan, Jesper Zeuthen, Hugo Rasmussen, Kresten Osgood, Kasper Tranberg, Al Agami, Per Vers and others.
In 2012 he was selected for a fully paid 6 months scholarship to go to New York City on the basis of his “artistic excellency”, where he did extensive studies with legendary free jazz drummer, the great professor Milford Graves.

Emanuele Maniscalco – piano
Tomo Jacobson – double bass
Oliver Laumann – drums


In 2017 IL SOGNO has released their debut album on a independent label and publishing house Gotta Let It Out. You can purchase it on vinyl or digitally on bandcamp, and stream it via Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and all the other major services.

Album Reviews:
"IL SOGNO might be the proof that evolution in jazz is unstoppable. (...) IL SOGNO creates in 3:33, the same atmosphere the Australian band The Necks builds in an hour long set."
4/5 stars

“This is an extraordinary debut album, full of great music and excellent performances.”
(Adam Baruch - The Soundtrack of My Life - Israel/Poland)

“The original pieces cutting a fine line, evenly balanced.”

“This isn’t your usual Piano Trio – prepare yourself for a surprise. Brilliant debut.”

“«Birthday» lasts only 35 minutes but its episodic compositions and collective improvisations sketch a nuanced, detailed story, or even a web of stories, that can be read as a comment on the state of jazz nowadays. Jazz as an open, inclusive and curious genre. And an effective, even if somehow abstract channel of articulating emotions.”
(Eyal Hareuveni - Salt Peanuts - Israel/Norway)

“Echoes of minimal music next to avant-jazz colors, with the freshness and shamelessness of who is not afraid to risk, with that healthy and fundamental recklessness [...] which jazz should still show.”
(Nicola Barin - Jazz Convention - Italy)

"This is a very fine trio and it's worth tracking down."

“The melodies possess a hypnotic appeal and we found ourselves drawn back to them. (...) Unexpected pleasures are often the most enjoyable and Birthday by Il Sogno turned out to be just such a surprise.”
(David Keffer - Poison Pie Publishing House - USA)

"Fabulerende og minimalistiske forløb, der giver alsidig oplevelse og stimulerer nysgerrigheden."
4/6 stars
(Kjeld Frandsen - Berlingske Tidende - Denmark)

"Birthday er intet mindre end en anbefalelsesværdig trioperle, til den åbne og nysgerrige jazzlytter."
(Niels Overgård - JazzNyt - Denmark)

'Tune of the day' : Feb 22, 2018 at a Jazz Noise

“Non posso che tesserne le lodi per la sua bellezza e la sua intensità.”
(Alessandro Nobis - ildiapasonblog - Italy)

“Trio jest strukturalnie niezwykle demokratyczne, poziom synergii wysoki, a kooperacja nienaganna.”